The IniParser class library is a library of classes and value types that provide access to ini parsing functionality. It has been mainly written to be integrated into any Unity project, but it can be used outside of Unity. This library comes with two different parser classes ListIniParser and DictionaryIniParser.

The ListIniParser should be used when the order of the data stored into the .ini file is important, note that this parsing methos is slower to get specific information. While the DictionaryIniParser should be used for optimal performance. This parsing method is faster to locate the information, but it may lose the order since it's using a Dictionary to store the data.

This library also comes with an abstract class BaseIniParser that can be inherited for making custom .ini parsers.

The namespaces and namespace categories in the class library are listed in the following table and documented in detail.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.IniParser
Assembly: UnityIniParser (in UnityIniParser.dll)


Namespace Description
IniParser The IniParser namespace contain types that allow to modify or create .ini files. It also contains an abstract class that can be used as a base for any other ini parser.
IniParser.Data The IniParser.Data namespace contains an abstract class that is used to hold the .ini data.


Accessibility Level Name Description
public abstract BaseIniParser An abstract class that provides methods for creating or opening an .ini file. It also allows to add, edit and delete values from the file.
public DictionaryIniParser An .ini file parser that uses a Dictionary to save the data on memory. This provides faster results, but the data is not loaded in the same order it appears on the file.
public ListIniParser An .ini file parser that uses Lists to save the data on memory. This should be used when data needs to be loaded on the order that is written on the file.
public abstract BaseSubSectionData Base class that holds the sub section information, this class is inherited by each parser SubSection class.
public KeyData Class that holds the information for any key inside the parser. Note that this only holds the information for one sub section.