The PhysicsDebug class is a system that allows to preview any Physics cast, checks or overlaps. It can easily be used without much code modification. It has 2 extra parameters to change the hit and no hit color, which are optional.

If the preview parameter is passed as none then it will work the same way as the Unity physics cast since all the drawing is by passed. Currently all the Unity casts, checks and overlaps are implemented.

It also contains a preview mdoe that allows the lines to be seen on game window and compiled games. It uses UnityGLDebug for this logic. Even though it comes with the compiled assembly that can be found on the tags section of the source code repository, the source code is is available here.

The namespaces and namespace categories in the class are listed in the following table and documented in detail.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.PhysicsExtension
Package: Physics Debug Extension


Namespace Description
PhysicsExtension The PhysicsExtension namespace contain a class that allows to preview any Physics cast, checks or overlaps.


Accessibility Level Name Description
public static Physics Class responsible for calling the Unity Engine Physics and draw calculation.
public static DebugExtensions Class responsible for drawing custom geometry figures like spheres, cubes, etc.