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ProjectPrefsDrawer class

Editor window that can be used to manage the data stored.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.ProjectPreferences
Package: ProjectPrefs


public class ProjectPrefsDrawer : EditorWindow


Accessibility Level Name Description
public Data Base class used to hold the actual data stored with a key.


Accessibility Level Type Name Description
private void Filter() Filters the elements based on the text to search.
static void Init() Called from Unity menu when opening the editor window.
private void OnDeleteAll() Deletes all the data stored.
private void OnDeleteSelected() Deletes only the selected elements.
private void OnExport() Exports the ini file.
private void OnExportSelected() Exports only the selected elements.
private void OnGUI() Called by Unity, draws the editor.
private void OnNew() Adds an empty data.
private void Refresh() Refreshes the editor information.
private void SortItems() Change the current sort of the elements.