Serializable Dictionary

The Serializable Dictionary package is a system that allows you to have a fully serialized dictionary that can be edited on the inspector. There is no limitation for key and value types, as long as the type is serialized it will work without issues.

The namespaces and namespace categories in the package are listed in the following table and documented in detail.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.SerializableDictionary
Package: Serializable Dictionary


Accessibility Level Name Description
public IDAttribute Attribute class that can be used to sync the dictionary key with a field value. This will make the field value to be changed when the entry key is changed.
public RequiredReferences This class is used so that the dictionary keys can have a default value, unity editor will give the default value, because it can't be null. This should only be used for UnityEngine.Object inherited classes.
public SerializableDictionaryBase Base class that most be inhertied by any dictionary that wants to be implemented.