The UniNotes class library is a library of classes and value types that is used to be abel to add visible notes to your Unity project. These notes can be added to your Hierarchy, Project, Scripts and GameObjects.

The namespaces and namespace categories in the class library are listed in the following table and documented in detail.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.UniNotes
Package: UniNotes


Accessibility Level Name Description
public AdvancedNoteDrawer Handles the advanced drawing for heirarchy and project window.
public Constants Class used by the system to have the correct keys to store the data.
public Divider Adds a divider on the inspector. This can only be called from custom editor or property drawer.
public DividerAttribute Adds a divider on the inspector. This attribute can be used without custom editor or property drawer.
public EditorExtensions Helper class that has multiple editor only methods that are used by the system.
public HoverWindow Used to draw the tool tip of the notes.
public NoteInjector Class used to inject notes on the top part of the GameObject inspector.
public SceneNoteDrawer Class used to handle the draw of the notes on the scene window.
public UniNoteComponentDrawer Class used so that the UniNoteComponent is not drawn.
public UniNoteDrawer Class used to draw the property.