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AdvancedNoteDrawer class

Handles the advanced drawing, heirarchy and project window.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.UniNotes
Package: UniNotes


public class AdvancedNoteDrawer


Accessibility Level Name Description
public AdvancedNoteDrawer Subscribes to the hierarchy and project draw events.


Accessibility Level Type Name Description
public string[] AvailableSettings Returns the settings array available on the ScriptableObject.
public UniNotesSettings Settings Finds and returns the reference to the settings ScriptableObject.


Accessibility Level Returns Name Description
public static Rect DrawDragger(Rect, float, bool) Draws the dragger.
private static void DrawNote(string, string, Rect, string) Draws a note on the given rect.
private static void OnHierarchyGUI(int, Rect) Called by Unity when the Hierarchy window is being drawn.
private static void OnProjectGUI(string, Rect) Called by Unity when the Project window is being draw.
public static void ResetSettings() Resets the settings array, called when any note name is changed on the settings.


Here's a quick example of how to use the divider. On the following script the system will be drawing the 3 different dividers we have included. To be able to add a divider all you need to do is add the attribute on top of the field where you want the divider to be drawn.

[Divider("Characer Sheet", "Character data only"), SerializeField]
private int myInt;

[Divider("Camera Movement"), SerializeField]
private string myString;

[Divider, SerializeField]
private Transform m_target;

The output inspector for this code will be the following:


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