The GLDebug class provides an easy to use drawing functionality using GL that works similary to Unity Debug drawing methods.

This class should be used when trying to draw lines that can be viewed on game window, it also works on a compiled version.

Currently the class auto attaches itself to the main camera, but can be attached to any other camera. It can only be attached to a single camera.

The namespaces and namespace categories in the class are listed in the following table and documented in detail.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.UnityGLDebug
Assembly: UnityGLDebug (in UnityGLDebug.dll)


Namespace Description
UnityGLDebug The UnityGLDebug namespace contain a class that allows to draw lines using GL that can be viewed on a compiled game.


Accessibility Level Name Description
public GLDebug Class responsible for drawing the lines.
private Line Class struct used to save a line information.