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Line class

Class that holds the information for a line. This is a nested class.

Namespace: RotaryHeart.Lib.UnityGLDebug.GLDebug
Assembly: UnityGLDebug (in UnityGLDebug.dll)


private class Line


Accessibility Level Name Description
public Line(Vector3, Vector3, Color, float, float, bool) Sets the default values for the line to be drawn.


Accessibility Level Type Name Description
public Vector3 start Start point for the line.
public Vector3 end End point for the line.
public Color color Color that the line is going to be drawn.
public float startTime The time when the line was first drawn.
public float duration How long should the line be drawn.
public bool depthTest Should it use depth test when drawing.


Accessibility Level Type Name Description
private bool DurationElapsed(bool) Returns how long this line has been drawn and draws it at the same time.

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